A Very Loooooong Process Post!!

Hey y’all, it’s been a while!! Robin and I had been talking about doing a selection of monsters for a sort of mini art/writing book, so I’ve been playing around with design for a bit. Under the cut is the (image-heavy) process log for this particular monster:
This is the headache monster, named after my year(or so)-long battle with migraines and the desire I often felt to cut open my temples or crack my head open on the nearest hard surface. While drawing, I was doing a bit of Twitter brainstorming and talked about how this thing (“in-game”) clutches at its head and smashes it into walls, keeping to one location (potentially guarding items or checkpoints). When the proverbial player gets too close, it rips its hands out of its head (Twitter and I talked about both long, knife-y and wiggly, vein-y fingers) and screams/statics at the player. If killed via a headshot, the monster dies and gives a beautiful sigh. If killed any other way, its screams and static turn even more horrible.

Under the cut is a screenshot-laden post detailling my process in PSCS5. As always, click to full-view!!
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Digging into the archives…

It’s been a while since a proper post, but after doing a bit of cleanup before driving our way out to CA, I found some of the older sketches we had mentioned in passing at a few of our meetings (click for larger, as usual):


Logan being her usual self, i.e. all up in that fixing business.

wow cute

Round two of the character’s “familiars”…

way 2 go on that wrinkly paper kate

…and round one! The original drafts on awful notebook paper.

And, more recently, messing around with another portrait idea for Rika:

ah yes kate's screenshots strike againAnd last, but not least, I was cleaning out some old stuff on my computer when I ran across my 24 hour comic day piece from 2011!! I successfully completed all 24 pages in the 24 hours (and drove myself into the ground via Starbucks espresso thingers) and these pages were some of my favourite. The story was based on a dream I had a few years ago and moulded around an image I drew on a whim about a year after that (there’s another page that belongs between the third and fourth here, but that file disappeared).

06 07 08 10

More updates coming soon, now that we’re settled and my tablet pen has returned!!